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The project "Applied Nostalgia" has been designed as a sequence of exhibitions of photographs taken by two eminent photographers - one from Serbia and one from the EU Presidency country. Since Estonia is presiding the EU from July to December 2017, Tallinn will be next European city which will be presented to the citizens of Serbia in unique and very special way, just as Belgrade will be presented to citizens of Estonia.

Marko NIkolić, an author from Serbia, visited Tallinn in July 2017 and took photos of places, events, scenes and people that reminded him of Belgrade. Earlier in June Rait Tuulas, an author from Estonia, visited Belgrade and photographed the city and its residents through the lens of a "nostalgic" photographer. The photos of Marko and Rait make up the "Applied Nostalgia" exhibition.

The "Applied Nostalgia" project has been conceived as a series of joint photography exhibitions of two photographers, one from Serbia and the other from the EU presiding country. The main idea is that this is another way to further enhance the cultural exchange between the two countries and promote European values and Serbia’s cooperation with the EU Member States. This exhibition is part of the activities of the Ministry of European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


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21 September 2017